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Site Update: Freezing Temps and Focus on Foundation

Work is moving along steadily here at the Mosaic Centre. The freezing temperatures over the past few weeks have allowed us to work without fighting the mud and soft soil conditions. This has improved efficiencies as well as the general mood onsite; nobody likes playing in the mud for 10 hours a day. Who would have thought the return of winter would be such a blessing!!
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Site Activity Update: Trailer Setup & First Days of Piling

It’s been a busy few weeks here onsite with setup of project offices, pile layout, water & mud management along with piling. Startup is my favorite part of a project. The decisions made early in the game regarding site setup and logistics have such a huge impact throughout the course of construction. One of the most challenging parts of this setup was to get a good feel for the "lay of the land" and how the site surface characteristics would affect runoff. We received a large amount of snow this winter and it was decided to do a bulk snow removal from site to help mitigate some of the surface runoff.
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