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Early Involvement of Key Participants

Early involvement of key participants—those who have the greatest influence on project success—is the most important IPD element. Project participants deeply influence project success if they can impart knowledge that improves the effectiveness or constructability of design or if their interactions with other organizations enhance project productivity.

At Mosaic, our pre-design process revealed the following stakeholders who will continue to be engaged at different points in the design process to ensure efficient permitting, approval, design, and construction processes:

  • Mosaic Family of Companies (building owners)
  • Carma / Brookfield (local developer that will need to approve development)
  • Summerside residential community
  • Businesses adjacent to the 91 Street commercial corridor
  • City of Edmonton Sustainable Development / Planning Department
  • General Contractor and major sub-trades
  • Design Team

The key participants’ diverse viewpoints mean improved project performance in a number of ways. Many studies show that teams with diverse backgrounds are more creative and the Mosaic project has the opportunity to capitalize on this advantage. Teams need a good mix of technical expertise, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Team members for the Mosaic project were chosen to make sure the team had a good mix of these abilities.

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