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Joint Project Control

Joint project control requires real communication between parties. It also reinforces the communal nature of the project. Instead of being “their project,” it is “our project.”

In an IPD project, joint project control is brought to fruition by a project management team comprised of at least the owner, contractor and designer. The project management team is given the authority to manage the project to achieve the jointly agreed upon objectives. Even though the project management members may also have roles as designers or builders, when they function as project management members, they put aside this identity (as an architect, contractor or owner) and simply become joint managers of the entire project.

Joint project control is a huge paradigm shift for many owners; however, we believe that senior management’s “second-guessing” of project-level decisions is toxic, breaks down trust and reduces individuals’ willingness to place project objectives ahead of short-term interests. In an IPD situation, the owner should instead focus on the development and analysis of options and solutions.

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