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The Ideal Workplace

A Better Way…By Design

The work environment at the priMED Mosaic Centre is less interested in the traditional “place of work;” rather, relishes in the fact that a building can be a contribution to the total human experience.

The Centre serves to maximize the benefit to both the employer and the employee. Employers who call the priMED Mosaic Centre home use the building to support their vision to create a positive, healthy and engaging culture. Employees have the space to express their individuality and the building offers the flexibility to interact and collaborate with cohorts in a number of different ways depending on their needs.

Despite speculation and he priMED Mosaic Centre’s model is one that is sustainable, replicable, affordable and, most importantly, supportive of how our society will use work spaces to innovate and collaborate in the future.

The priMED Mosaic Centre:

Beautiful. Sustainable. Healthy

A place to recharge, not only for the people that work in the building, but for the neighbouring businesses and the community of Summerside.

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