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Site Update: Construction of the Superstructure

Work has been progressing well with the construction of the superstructure here at Mosaic. The great weather over the past few weeks has allowed us to work without fighting the mud and puddles. The main focus has been on the construction of the east section of the building, mainly the glulam structure installation and the framing of exterior walls. The next big milestone for the east structure is the installation of the 3 large glulam trusses which will be arriving mid next week. The longest section of truss will be 80 feet; these exterior trusses are placed on the third floor and provide support for the roof panels. Once the truss sections are installed, the remainder of the east building glulam can be completed, along with the framing of the exterior walls and partition framing inside the building.

Work to the west section of the building began last week with the installation of the steel column bases and columns. The remainder of 1st floor glulam material will be arriving next week and work to both east and west sections of the building will be going simultaneously.

The installation of the geothermal ground loops has been completed and backfilled along with the installation of the water and sewer. We were able to complete these activities with no weather delays.

Work to our parking lot will be starting next week so we are crossing our fingers for a stretch of good weather!

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Chris Fry, Site Superintendent, Chandos

As the Construction Superintendent at Chandos, Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations on the construction site including schedule, safety and coordinating subcontracters. He was initially inspired to be part of this project due to his huge interest in sustainability and alternative building methods. Chris feels that being part of the Mosaic Centre project is not only exciting, but gives him a huge sense of pride. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, music, and spending time with his family at the lake.

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