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How We Did It Volume 2 — The Morning Ride: Incentives for Increased Well-Being


The priMED Mosaic Centre is a green, high-performance building that encourages high-performance occupants.  Purposely situated along bicycle paths and walking trails in the lake community of Summerside, the building owners hope to get many of the tenants to walk or bike to work and leave their car at home.  Numerous incentives and conveniences have been designed into the space to persuade Edmontonians (who, in general, prefer the convenience of driving) to burn free fat and increase their overall well-being.

One key incentive is the availability of a safe and secure location to store your suped-up Kuwahara.  Having your tricked-out ride sitting out in the rain or chained to a community bike rack often deters many from the morning ride. A main-floor bike garage, with parking for 12 bicycles, keeps bicycles safely stored indoors during the workday.  In addition, a repair station and tool bench help to make sure bike maintenance is convenient so that the occupant’s ride stays dependable.

Probably the single biggest deterrent to the bicycle commute for many office workers is that their final destination, the office building, does not offer up shower facilities.  As enticing as a morning ride to work is, the notion of sitting cold and sweaty in the residual scent of the sunrise journey for the following eight hours is an idea that few can tolerate.  Men’s and ladies’ washrooms, located in the bike garage area, offer up a hot shower and place to freshen up before starting the workday.

Key features that make a Bicycle Commute to the Mosaic Centre desirable:

  • Bike garage, with parking for 12 bicycles, replaces a number of parking stalls and keeps bicycles safely stored indoors during the workday.
  • Incentives offered to those who choose the more sustainable mode of transportation.
  • Two showers (Men and Women) located in the bike storage area.
  • Bicycle repair bench—bike commuters can fix their bikes and get home safe.


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