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A Long Awaited Site Update!

The best word to describe activity onsite since the last update would be busy! Major progress has been made onsite on all fronts. A major focus mentioned in my last update was the completion of the main floor structural slab. We poured the slabs in two separate pours and all went well. A major amount of work went into this slab—it has extensive mechanical and electrical infrastructure buried in and below the slab. We’ve got a super flat slab that will soon be receiving a grinding/polishing treatment to expose the aggregate and produce an awesome architectural feature!

We will be placing the concrete topping on the upper floor slabs this week starting with the 2nd floor of the east building. These concrete toppings on the upper floors will receive the same grinding/polishing procedure as the main floor slab.

Mechanical and electrical rough-in within the building is also progressing nicely with focus shifting toward fitting out the mechanical and electrical rooms. There is an extensive amount of work in these two rooms and in order to maintain our tight schedule we are looking to start work in these rooms this week.

Exterior finishes are proceeding nicely with the majority of exterior insulation and support infrastructure installed. The majority of areas are now ready for siding and finishes.

The bulk of windows are now installed, complete with glass. The focus now is on the installation of the north and south atrium curtain walls. Glazing should be complete by the end of October. Just in time for heating season!!

With winter just around the corner we have been pushing to complete the exterior concrete work and rough-grading of the site. We were hoping to get the majority of landscaping completed before the snow flies but we are thinking it may just be the large trees and rock features for now. We need access to the exterior of the building to complete our exterior siding and finishes. The landscaping plan calls for a large number of shrubbery, sod and seeded landscape that would sever our access to complete this exterior work. The remainder of the landscaping will have to wait until spring.

We have been having fun focusing on LEAN on the jobsite, encouraging the workers to come up with new and innovative time saving (waste reducing) ideas. We have been celebrating these innovative “LEAN Wins” by means of short videos that can be shared with others to show how easy LEAN can be. “Fix what bugs you” is the focus we are encouraging onsite. Focus on LEAN, paired with the team culture here at Mosaic has allowed us to be successful in building an awesome building and having fun at the same time. Our goal with the construction of the Mosaic Center is to create an environment that workers enjoy working in. A happy worker tends to produce fantastic results and stay engaged, working more efficiently.

Another achievement to be proud of is the diversion of 95% of construction waste from the landfill. Great job team!!

Chris Fry, Site Superintendent, Chandos

As the Construction Superintendent at Chandos, Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations on the construction site including schedule, safety and coordinating subcontracters. He was initially inspired to be part of this project due to his huge interest in sustainability and alternative building methods. Chris feels that being part of the Mosaic Centre project is not only exciting, but gives him a huge sense of pride. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, music, and spending time with his family at the lake.

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