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The John and Frances Angelos Law Center (University of Baltimore)

The John and Frances Angelos Law Centre at the University of Baltimore in Maryland opened on April 30, 2013. The facility is an exciting development for the campus and is considered a major architectural landmark for the city. The building utilizes a number of closely-integrated strategies to achieve a 43% energy cost savings over a baseline building. Baltimore has a humid summer and moderate winters, so the building was modelled to respond best to these elements. Building occupants have local control of operable windows in all office, teaching and library spaces, and are notified of favourable outdoor conditions by means of a green light next to the operating switch.

The atrium is a main factor to both the technical performance of the building as well as furthering the goals of the project. It allows maximum daylight exposure for interior spaces, but also links the public space, teaching space, and administrative space, creating an open and inspiring environment.

Some of the notable green features of the building include:

  • LED lighting throughout, minimizing energy consumption and extending maintenance life dramatically over conventional fixtures.
  • Flexibly-located, freestanding direct/indirect LED floor lamps for all office illumination
  • Over 70 custom-designed LED “butterfly” chandeliers that populate the atrium space
  • Green roofs on all outdoor terraces which capture rainwater and direct it to a 25,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tank, where it is repurposed for toilet flushing and interior irrigation needs.
  • Sustainable interior finish materials – linoleum, bamboo, FSC-certified wood, recycled-content concrete, Green Label Plus carpeting
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