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Beginning Stages

When Dennis and Christy first began thinking about the Mosaic Centre, they knew they wanted this project to be different.

One thing they knew for certain was that the Mosaic Centre couldn’t easily be completed on budget if they took a traditional approach to building a commercial space. Often companies and contractors are focused on their own section of the project rather than the “big picture” final product; this can result in cost overruns, scope creep and an overall negative experience.

Could it be possible to have a project team comprised of individual contractors, sharing responsibility for planning and execution, driven by a united vision of the completed project?

When the team heard about the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Framework and how it works, they realized this is what they had been searching for: a system that takes a non-traditional approach and turns individual participants – consultants, engineers and contractors – into team members.

The IPD approach has been used for other projects in the past; however, its use in the construction industry isn’t commonplace. While the standards defining an IPD approach are somewhat fluid, there are common themes that tie it together; making it the perfect approach to implement the Mosaic Centre vision.

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