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A Feathered Visitor at the Site!

Upon arrival at work¬†Friday¬†morning we noticed there was an “intruder” in the building. A great horned owl was hanging out in the space and when we stumbled upon him he freaked and hit the glass hard. We thought he was done. We wrapped him up and placed him outside of the fence on the north east corner. We left them there for about an hour and when we came back to look at him he looked like he had expired. Bernhard went to remove his sweater and our finely feathered friend immediately burst into flight. It was an awesome ending to the story!!

Chris Fry, Site Superintendent, Chandos

As the Construction Superintendent at Chandos, Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations on the construction site including schedule, safety and coordinating subcontracters. He was initially inspired to be part of this project due to his huge interest in sustainability and alternative building methods. Chris feels that being part of the Mosaic Centre project is not only exciting, but gives him a huge sense of pride. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, music, and spending time with his family at the lake.

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