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An inspiring project from Canada is Eco-Sense, a sustainable home for a three generation family of six, built by Ann and Gord Baird of Victoria, British Columbia.

The home functions as a part of the eco-system bringing together residential dwelling and pure nature. The family has a “conservation first” philosophy which is evident in their sustainable lifestyle. The house boasts some impressive features including passive solar design, solar PV with grid tie, net zero electricity, energy and water conservation, solar thermal hot water, no-flush toilets, rainwater harvesting, grey water re-use, a living roof, earthen floors and natural finishes. The best part? They don’t compromise on aesthetics – their house is the epitome of beautiful, modern and affordable architecture.

The couple does consulting, building, policy and research work and have given literally hundreds of tours of their home. They want others to know that if it isn’t affordable, it isn’t sustainable” and their motto remains: less life “stuff” – more life “style”! One of the owners, Ann, says: “the positive examples set by our home have inspired many others to build in similar ways or to incorporate aspects of Eco-Sense into their existing homes.”

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