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Site Update: A Concrete Plan

August has been another awesome month here for us at the Mosaic Project. Major progress has been made with the building envelope and atrium work.

The building envelope is getting closer and closer to water tight as we move into September. The majority of windows have been installed, including the “punch” windows and curtain wall. The third floor curtain wall on the east side of the east building looks amazing. Next, focus will be on the installation of the curtain wall at the atrium and the installation of the exterior siding and cladding.

Work inside the building is focused on the preparation of the structural slab on grade, which will be poured September 15. Completing this slab pour will be a huge milestone achievement. Mechanical rough in for the slab is essentially complete and the focus is now on the grade prep and installation of void form and thermal insulation. A large portion of the main floor slab will be heated with in-floor heating.

The installation of the Atrium glulam is almost complete and the stairs look fantastic! There is some final tweaking to do, but otherwise the atrium is ready for concrete floors and finishes.

Roofing is progressing nicely; 80% of the roof is watertight, and once waterproof, the focus will shift to the installation of the cap sheeting and roof flashings. Again, the weather has really helped us out with the roof construction.

The mornings have been cool the last week or so and the arrival of fall is just around the corner. We have started preparation of the exterior concrete (e.g., sidewalks and architectural features). We would like to have the majority of landscaping complete before the snow flies. With all of this exterior work complete by the end of September, our focus can then target the interior of the building.

Looking forward, we have several slab pours in the month of September. We will pour the main floor slab and then move up in the building and start pouring the concrete toppings.

Teamwork, communication and maintaining focus towards a lean jobsite have been driving this job successfully and at a rapid pace. It’s nice to work on a jobsite with so many people working towards a common goal. The morale on site has been high, which is so refreshing. It’s great to see the synergy that has evolved between the IPD members onsite. Keep up the awesome work team!!

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Chris Fry, Site Superintendent, Chandos

As the Construction Superintendent at Chandos, Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations on the construction site including schedule, safety and coordinating subcontracters. He was initially inspired to be part of this project due to his huge interest in sustainability and alternative building methods. Chris feels that being part of the Mosaic Centre project is not only exciting, but gives him a huge sense of pride. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, music, and spending time with his family at the lake.

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