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Mosaic Centre Grand Opening Speech

How is it that the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce is nearing completion and is 25% ahead of schedule, 5% under budget and has zero change orders in an industry that is plagued with missed deliveries, cost-overruns and litigation?
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Suspicion on Site

I may be new to this business of delivering a deep green building, but I was given a slice of reassurance pie relating to the current state of the project today courtesy of an unexpected comment from Vedran, the building architect.
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Reflections on IPD and Site Progress

Having all the mechanical parties heavily involved in the design from the get go means there really isn’t much need for little old me out in the trenches. Sure, I can take a trip out to site, snap some pics for our records, and scrawl up a glowing construction report, but at the end of the day I could just as easily have taken a spin through the 3-D model.
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