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SMA Solar Academy

SMA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of inverters for photovoltaic systems. They recently re-completed the Solar Training Center, an integrated solar design that has an amazing photovoltaic wall, zero-energy footprint and an aesthetically pleasing, modern look. The design is completely self-sufficient with no grid support, allowing it to serve as a great example of a reliable energy supply anywhere in the world. The project has been hailed as a true “lighthouse project”, from both a technological and architectural perspective.

During the planning stage, attention was given to ensure visitors could experience the energy concept. Upon entering the building, visitors face a large display that shows the building’s energy consumption and the amount of CO2 saved in green LED numbers. In addition, the building-integrated photovoltaic modules are the central design element used both inside and outside. The battery room serves as a walk-in information center, and a two-tone LED display shows visitors the charge state of the batteries.

The building also comes with conveniences: the building has the right temperature and is well ventilated year round, the seminar rooms have modern equipment such as digital boards and a sufficient number of test workstations are provided to work directly on individual devices.

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