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Suspicion on Site

I may be new to this business of delivering a deep green building, but I was given a slice of reassurance pie relating to the current state of the project today courtesy of an unexpected comment from Vedran, the building architect.

Tuesday afternoon the Project Leadership team was enjoying catching up on small talk and looking at pictures of Chris’s new baby when a solemn and concerned look overtook Vedran and halted our conversation.  We all noticed the shift in him and took note as he, almost on queue, quietly exclaimed, “It feels suspicious that there are not more issues.”

I slept good Tuesday night.

Dennis Cuku

Dennis is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in drilling rig design and is acting President of Oil Country Engineering. Paradoxically, his passion lies in the arena of sustainable building design and green building innovation. Dennis’ recent project, The Mosaic Centre, is slated for completion in May 2015 and aims to be the crown jewel of sustainable building in Edmonton becoming the first Net-Zero energy commercial office building in Alberta; an example of Alberta’s oil and gas abundance igniting innovative sustainable projects.

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