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Mosaic Centre Grand Opening Speech

How is it that the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce is nearing completion and is 25% ahead of schedule, 5% under budget and has zero change orders in an industry that is plagued with missed deliveries, cost-overruns and litigation?
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Suspicion on Site

I may be new to this business of delivering a deep green building, but I was given a slice of reassurance pie relating to the current state of the project today courtesy of an unexpected comment from Vedran, the building architect.
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As the Dust Settles

It turns out the recent drama on site surrounding my unexpected smashing of the polished floor has been quite a “hit”. This comes as no surprise as we have, to date, not reported on any major commotions on site.
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Potholes in the Process

When we started this journey 12 months ago, the entire core team made a promise to each other. We promised that, no matter how ugly it may be or how hard we might fall, we would tell the full story of the Mosaic Centre build (or failure to build). With this post I believe I am the first to record one of the potholes in the process.
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The Project Financing Rollercoaster

Christy and I are fairly practical when it comes to undertaking large engineering projects, as this is what we do in our day jobs. We also understand commercial financing strategies because we have owned and leased-out properties of the like for quite some time. Admittedly, we were rookies in commercial building construction. So, when Christy and I set out to actualize our dream of building the perfect workplace for our family, we naturally expected there to be some challenges in obtaining financing for our first-of-its-kind project...
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