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The Word is Out… Permit Drawings First Glance

This week we took the Project drawings on the road to showcase our efforts to date.  In the recent weeks, much preparation has gone into the approval drawings and development permit package and it was time to start getting everyone excited about what we have conceptualized as a team.

First stop was Brookfield (land developer) on Monday.  Admittedly, I was a touch nervous about the meeting as it had been 18 months since we last met the developer and promised to deliver the most awesome building in town. Would she be impressed?  Cue nail-biting.  In short, Louise eff’n loved the concept, landscape design and architecture.  She tried desperately to conceal her excitement.  Her anticipation of this project (and how it will anchor the commercial development phase of the Lake Summerside Business Park) was evident by the nods of approval and positive reception to our progressive and aggressive design strategies.  Elanor was great and we left the meeting high as a kite and with Brookfield’s verbal blessing to proceed.

Next stop: Wednesday at the City of Edmonton permitting office. Another much-anticipated concept delivery meeting that we had no idea how it would end.  All the talk of child-care fire-rating and the radical nature of the project delivery had us wondering if the City offices would digest, or vomit on, our ideas.  MIA’s lineup of permit process wizards offered up a steaming pant-load of Mosaic Centre awesomeness that was summed up by an exclaimed “finally” from the permit officer.  “This is how buildings should be designed in this city—sustainable” was the flavor of his commentary.  He added that the City of Edmonton permitting group was extremely excited about the project and expressed their desire to help make the process as seamless as possible.  They offered up some suggestions for the permit drawing package that will help in eliminating any issues in the process.

Dennis Cuku

Dennis is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in drilling rig design and is acting President of Oil Country Engineering. Paradoxically, his passion lies in the arena of sustainable building design and green building innovation. Dennis’ recent project, The Mosaic Centre, is slated for completion in May 2015 and aims to be the crown jewel of sustainable building in Edmonton becoming the first Net-Zero energy commercial office building in Alberta; an example of Alberta’s oil and gas abundance igniting innovative sustainable projects.

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