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Every Building Has an Owner

Every building has an owner.

This is not really any earth shattering news, but usually in the structural design process, it doesn’t come into play too much. Generally, engineers are one step removed from the client or owner. The architect usually has the closer relationship with the client (for good or for bad depending on the project).

If an engineer does meet the client, it’s usually once or twice in the job and that’s about it – probably at the early stages of a job and maybe once at the end, during a wrap-up BBQ. Or, if it’s a big job, you get the privilege of meeting the owner’s representative. In that case, you are even more removed from the actual owner, who is probably some faceless company.

For an engineer, the owner on a project is not someone you typically see a lot and can attach a face to a name. The owner is more like a second cousin twice-removed, kind of like someone you see at a family reunion once every five years. This project is different, however. The owner is in the room at the meetings. Every meeting. The owner has a face and a name. The owner is sending you emails telling you to “stay awesome”.

This is different and it’s good.

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Stephan Pasche, Structural Engineer, Fast + Epp

“The Mosaic Centre offers the opportunity to change the public’s perception”, says Stephan. This creative engineer can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty of the Mosaic Centre project.

Stephan’s favourite things in the whole wide world are snow, Lego and coffee. All that caffeine keeps him going as he challenges himself with photography, skiing, hiking and wake-surfing while travelling all over the world.

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