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How 2-Second Lean is Changing Site Culture

Many people have started to hear the term “2-second Lean”; some have gone one-step further and tried to see how it works with a construction team. Here at Chandos construction, working side by side with Dennis Cuku of Oil Country Engineering, we have been implementing a change in mentality and culture on the construction site. There are many different ways and stages to implement this change; the simplest of them, one that everyone can do, is the 2-second Lean Win.
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Potholes in the Process

When we started this journey 12 months ago, the entire core team made a promise to each other. We promised that, no matter how ugly it may be or how hard we might fall, we would tell the full story of the Mosaic Centre build (or failure to build). With this post I believe I am the first to record one of the potholes in the process.
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IPD is a Boat Race

Is there a better analogy to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) than a boat race across a river? Perhaps, but it’s the one that seems most fitting to me. If normal construction is a boat race to the other side of the river, then each trade, consultant, owner and contractor gets their own boat in the race. The boats could range from canoe to speed boat and anywhere in between. As the race progresses, some boats might run into mechanical problems, some might lose an oar, some might run out of gas … and some, just zoom to the other side with no problems. When all of the boats are on the other side, the race (or project) is complete.
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