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Project Process: World Leaders in the Industry

The people we met and projects we learnt about at the ILFI (international Living Futures Institute) unconference told us that we are the only LBC project applying LEAN management practices and the IPD process. We are the only project ahead of our construction schedule and the only project ‘finding’ money. Everyone else is looking for funding and having a hard time working with their contractors. When we explained the success we have experienced thus far, everyone wanted to learn more. So we shared everything we could!

I would like to pat the back of EVERY MOSAIC TEAM MEMBER – and hold up the industry mirror to show you that you ARE LEADERS!

If we want the green building movement to pick up enough growth to meet challenges like Architecture 2030, or the City of Edmonton’s own climate neutral goal by 2020, then we need more projects to adopt better practices that are more effective like LEAN management and the IPD process that contractually aligns everyone’s interests.

I am very proud of our team, and proud to be a part of this project – let’s keep sharing what we know and what we are learning so others can replicate what we are doing.

Website: EcoAmmo

Stephani Carter, LEED AP, EcoAmmo

Stephani is all about the action and proving that Edmonton can build incredibly aesthetic buildings while being respectful of the environment they occupy. Steph is passionate about making sustainability a fun and engaging endeavor.

She’s the subject-matter expert in green building-rating systems, and facilitates group discussions to ensure that it’s the cutting edge, cool, sustainable project it’s supposed to be. Her company is going to be one of the first tenants, so she brings a user perspective to the table.

Stephani is somewhat of a collector of all things cool, but has a penchant for things that are old. As a young lady, she always dreamt about restoring historical buildings to be cutting-edge eco-friendly, or retrofitting classic cars with emission-free engines.

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