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Project Budget: The Fight Between Dreams and Limitations

Project Budget. Two nasty words. At the beginning of a project, everything is sunshine and roses. The sky is the limit. The building will be built on time and on schedule. The building will have all the coolest features in the world. The building will be a design icon. The building will hover in midair. It will produce rainbows and sunshine and bunny rabbits and give you free coffee.

Then, reality hits. At some point, dollar signs get attached to all the items on the project wish list. Surprisingly, rainbows and sunshine and bunny rabbits aren’t cheap. Pretty soon, they will end up getting cut from the project. The project wish list shrinks and shrinks. At some point, even items that were once thought of as necessities may get the axe. For most jobs, this is generally the case. Budgets are very rarely unlimited and compromises must be made. If buildings had unlimited budgets, design would be very easy.

This is part of the challenge in design, balancing the desire for a beautiful energy efficient building with a seemingly limited budget. This is what keeps us on our toes. It’s easy to design without limits. It’s much more rewarding to produce a beautiful design while staying within the limits.

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Stephan Pasche, Structural Engineer, Fast + Epp

“The Mosaic Centre offers the opportunity to change the public’s perception”, says Stephan. This creative engineer can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty of the Mosaic Centre project.

Stephan’s favourite things in the whole wide world are snow, Lego and coffee. All that caffeine keeps him going as he challenges himself with photography, skiing, hiking and wake-surfing while travelling all over the world.

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