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Cued Up for Chaos & Transition to a New Phase

We’ve entered into the next phase of the process—how exciting and scary, all at the same time! We went from figuring out HOW to do the work to actually DOING the work, which means our group will be even busier over the next few months! Just as things are getting cued up for chaos, I will be stepping back from the working group and into a whole new world of chaos … motherhood!

The next few weeks are going to be hectic, to say the least. As my belly grows it provides a constant reminder that time is running out to pass on my responsibilities. Thankfully, it takes nine months to grow a baby so we’ve had time to prepare a game plan for my departure: I will be handing over my roles and responsibilities to the highly capable Nicole Auser. The transition started a few weeks ago and will continue until I officially leave at the end of July. She brings with her a variety of talents and strengths that will help steer our working group in the right direction.

With my succession plan figured out, the only other part of the puzzle has been looking for a “princess charming” of sorts to help guide our working group through the interior design process. We realized quite quickly that although we have some keen design skills when it comes to rigs, those design skills just didn’t translate to buildings. We agreed at the beginning of the year that we needed to find someone to walk us through the nuances of planning and designing an office space.

Our company culture places a great deal of emphasis on hiring the right people for the bus, and this position was no different. After a few months of searching, we decided that instead of hiring just one design firm, we would hire two, each with distinct specialties. This will allow them to focus on what they’re great at, as well as share their knowledge and expertise with their new teammates. It was an obvious win-win we couldn’t ignore. Just like in our day-to-day work, we saw another opportunity to leverage people’s strengths to make a power-house team.

With all our ducks in a row, I feel confident in gracefully bowing out from my roles and responsibilities as Mosaic Working Group champion until next year. Good luck, team!

Torrie Fisher, Culture Club Member, Mosaic Family of Companies

Torrie’s approach to achieving general awesomeness is simple: she has always aspired to be as great as her mom, while maintaining her own uniqueness. It’s her focus on family, friends, and relationships with people in general that drives Torrie to contribute to something that makes an impactful difference in people’s lives.

She’s inspired by technology’s ability, when used appropriately, to educate and spread messages to the masses, and Torrie’s equally excited by the potential this project has to inspire positive change. Making a difference and forging connections with people in order to inspire others to make a positive contribution are a few of the important things that make Torrie tick – and they are the values she plans to bring to this project.

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