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Math Behind the Mosaic Centre

Seeds are amazing! From one nondescript seed, comes a beautiful plant, and that beautiful plant creates many more seeds for, well, many more beautiful plants and so on.

I like talking about seeds because their tiny size belies their huge potential. We get caught up in the idea that huge results require huge effort, and what we get is in direct proportion to what we do. In contrast, something as small as a seed has incredible multiplicity—one small thing produces multiple amazing things.

At first, the Mosaic Centre was an idea. Could they build a commercial building a better way? Could they build something that actually makes employees live healthier lives? Could they build it in a way that gives back to the environment rather than take? To be honest, the first time I heard about it, I didn’t fully understand what it all meant.

I realize now that The Mosaic Centre is a seed.

Now that seed has been planted and is taking root. The ground is dug up, and there is life. There is energy around this project like nothing else I’ve been a part of before. The laws of multiplication govern the Mosaic Centre: like a seed, it’s multiplying.

The Mosaic Centre is the start. We will see many more buildings of its kind on the Canadian landscape. It’s not just those buildings that are important, but the people who work in them. Like the Mosaic Centre, those future buildings will change how people traditionally work and interact. Those interactions will multiply, and those interactions will produce new ideas. Those ideas will become businesses that work differently, growing with new interactions… and so on.

I only realize this now because I had to shift my thinking.

I used to think that to create something big, you needed the precise equation with just the right variables: A + B = C. Now I know that big ideas, the ones with the farthest reach and the fastest growth, come from the multiplication power of a tiny seed.

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Jason Bekdashe, Principal, TransparentC

Jason is the owner of TransparentC, a company focused on employer branding and recruitment marketing. He has been privileged to work for a number of companies where culture was the special ingredient that made them successful. Those experiences left a lasting impression and later became the foundation for TransparentC’s business model. Jason believes the next iteration of marketing needs to support your corporate vision and better position employees to deliver amazing customer experiences. For him, it’s not the shiny billboard that wins you more customers; it’s supporting the people that work for you.

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