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A Design to Feel Good About

Today was COOOOOOOL! I was running out of one meeting to head into the WebEx conference call with Shafraaz, Christy and Dennis. I was at the University and sat down at a bus stop to see what the plan was. Shafraaz asked if I got his invite, I did on my phone so instead of pulling out my computer and tethering my phone for internet, I looked for a WebEx app. Sure enough there was one and in less than one minute I was connected to the conference call and could see Shafraaz’s presentation! Super cool that we have come so far that I no longer need a boardroom—heck, not even a room— and the nice people at the bus stop were cool with me having a meeting in a public space.

On top of technological wonders, Shafraaz did GREAT! The sketches he presented, along with the sketch-up model he created were fantastic! I am so proud of him and this design feels good. There are of course minor tweaks to be made, but the basic shape is there! And he has some awesome ideas for execution.

I love how well the programming fits into the petals. I think the atrium needs work to become the space we want, BUT the good thing is that Shafraaz’s conceptual design is UNDER the allotted square footage, giving us more room to play with.

I love the garage/lounge with the roof deck. Heck ya!—that’s where I’ll be working all summer!

I also love the idea of the meeting rooms cantilevering over the outside of the building. As long as it doesn’t wreck havoc with the energy model…

And lastly, I really loved his idea for the outdoor amphitheatre. I hope that can stay.

Shafraaz done good and I am super pumped for tomorrow’s meeting with the entire gang!

Website: EcoAmmo

Stephani Carter, LEED AP, EcoAmmo

Stephani is all about the action and proving that Edmonton can build incredibly aesthetic buildings while being respectful of the environment they occupy. Steph is passionate about making sustainability a fun and engaging endeavor.

She’s the subject-matter expert in green building-rating systems, and facilitates group discussions to ensure that it’s the cutting edge, cool, sustainable project it’s supposed to be. Her company is going to be one of the first tenants, so she brings a user perspective to the table.

Stephani is somewhat of a collector of all things cool, but has a penchant for things that are old. As a young lady, she always dreamt about restoring historical buildings to be cutting-edge eco-friendly, or retrofitting classic cars with emission-free engines.

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