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Teamwork Means Saving Money

What happens when you have a functioning team? You save money. From a site perspective, the usual procedure is to get drawings on construction day. You show up and get building. The typical process has been altered on this project and that definitely has its benefits. True teamwork is being defined in this process. I know we all talk about it, but in my experience we are truly learning the meaning. By having the ability to be involved with a project since inception and throughout the design process, all parties have been able to add value to the outcome.

An example of this was recently seen during a collaboration meeting just a couple of weeks before ground was to be broken. Clarification on the pile calculations led to a change in design and increased the cost. The discussion in the meeting, which included onsite personnel, about the change helped with understanding why it was necessary. Typical practice in the field with similar situations led the team to ask: “why don’t we use a bond breaker at the top of the pile?”

The method of teamwork for the Mosaic Centre, allowing everyone to have input, has helped save money, this just being one example. The pile design was reconsidered and cost overruns avoided.

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Jeff Zawaski, Management, Chandos

Jeff is pumped to be working alongside others who “share the belief that tomorrow should be better than today.”

Since childhood, Jeff has always been interested in practical skills and having something tangible to show for his hard work. He was also drawn to the goal of “saving the world.” As such, the Mosaic project is the perfect opportunity for Jeff to bring those passions together.

He plans to bring his listening skills, keen attention to details, process and time-effectiveness, as well as his interpersonal relationship-building skills to help maintain momentum and ensure quality and efficiency on-site.

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