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A Material Supply Company Weighs in on the IPD process

When we were first approached by Chandos to be a part of the Mosaic Centre, we felt excited about a new and innovative building in the Edmonton market and uneasy about the unknown Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. As a material supply company that has been around for over 60 years, we had never been a part of an IPD project nor heard of the IPD construction process. We were accustomed to the standard or “old” way of tendering and supplying structural wood for a project, and this was a totally different way of thinking.

In the past, the consultants and ownership directed the majority of the building design, structural components and aesthetics and most of the sub-trades liked to keep their experience, expertise and information close to their chest to protect themselves. We have been no different. Being invited into this project from the beginning has allowed us to work alongside the Structural consultants and Architects and gain insight to the design process. We have been able to talk openly with other supply sub-trades and given the opportunity to understand how they work and do business. I believe that this information has built a better team and will, ultimately, build a better building.

We have also been encouraged to use our extensive knowledge of structural wood systems to influence the structural design in a way that we believe mitigates risk and keeps the process lean, costs down and quality high with regards to the fabrication and production of glued laminated members and structural steel connections, the supply to site and the erection process overall.

Having the opportunity for open communication between trades, consultants, contractors and owner has, so far, been great and educational. The feedback has been fantastic. We feel that the relationships we are building with all the stakeholders in the project can only continue to grow, benefitting us all in the future.

This project has been refreshing to our company as a whole; it has gotten our employees to think outside of the box and come up with new and innovative ways to supply glulam products for future projects. We have internally evaluated some of our own practices and processes and are looking forward to implementing a leaner way of thinking to our internal business.

Western Archrib is excited to be a part of this ground breaking and innovative building process and will continue to look forward to new opportunities using the IPD building process.

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Mark Wigston, Technologist, Western Archrib

Mark started with Western Archrib in 1999 as a draftsman, becoming a Project Manager in 2007, which has been his focus ever since. Western Archrib is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and custom fabrication of glued-laminated structural wood systems. As a Project Manager, Mark is responsible for managing all aspects of their custom commercial projects. This work can be very diverse: from a school, recreation centre or hockey arena to an office building, restaurant or custom home.

Mark was initially inspired to get involved with the Mosaic Centre project not only because it is a local project, but it also provides a great opportunity to showcase the incredible capabilities and aspects of structural wood. He’s also drawn to the innovative approach being taken towards the Mosaic Centre’s construction.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing hockey and squash, wakeboarding and various other outdoor activities. On the creative side of things, Mark is known as a premier pencil artist.

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