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Even More Concept Development (… Really!?)

Projects never stop. I was in Halifax for the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s annual conference in early June, but still managed to keep the Mosaic Centre project trucking along. I spent a good deal of time on WebEx or conference call with Dennis, Vedran and colleagues from Chandos to keep things moving along. I recall a specific WebEx call I had to make from a vestibule in a restaurant, as I didn’t have time to make it to a quieter location.  Over the phone, we hashed out space planning and constructability. We talked about materials and structure, and how it would all come together for costing. Sometimes it amazes me what I can see in my mind’s eye.

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Shafraaz Kaba, Architect, Manasc Isaac Architects

Fueled by a desire to create a more sustainable, beautiful world, Shafraaz is committed to combining 15 years’ experience in the design and construction of green buildings in cold climates with an eagerness to collaborate, in order to challenge traditional approaches in architecture, design and construction.

Since childhood, Shafraaz always set his sights high and not surprisingly wanted to be either an astronaut, an architect or a fighter pilot. Given his track record for achieving things quickly, the sky’s definitely not the limit for Shafraaz!

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