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Concept Workshop – Take Two

We presented the “rectangular” concept to the larger design steering committee (am I allowed to call it that?  A steering committee?). It was good to see how we maintained the ideals and integrity of the split-level design in a simplified volume. Overall, it went well except that I totally underestimated the amount of time we would need to workshop through the design. We blew past the scheduled noon-hour end point but it was great to facilitate a good, energetic and productive session. There was good discussion about the roof-top social space we proposed and how certain elements would shade the large amount of PV on the roof surface. We also began to see the building code complexities of incorporating a child care facility in an office building. Since the child care centre would take up more than 10% of the ground floor area, it would bump up the fire safety requirements to a much higher, more demanding class. Not good for our budget or space planning. We are working through how to make this work. I know Christy for sure has her heart set on keeping this program element.

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Shafraaz Kaba, Architect, Manasc Isaac Architects

Fueled by a desire to create a more sustainable, beautiful world, Shafraaz is committed to combining 15 years’ experience in the design and construction of green buildings in cold climates with an eagerness to collaborate, in order to challenge traditional approaches in architecture, design and construction.

Since childhood, Shafraaz always set his sights high and not surprisingly wanted to be either an astronaut, an architect or a fighter pilot. Given his track record for achieving things quickly, the sky’s definitely not the limit for Shafraaz!

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