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From the Eyes of a Subcontractor

As I rewind through this journey, I look back at the road our team has travelled thus far on The Mosaic Centre project. What was first believed to be “just another project”, has certainly evolved into something far more extraordinary.

IPD … say what? That’s exactly what I said when Chandos Construction first contacted us. We were soon introduced to Dennis Cuku, who interviewed our Company. I was intrigued by his approach; this wasn’t the usual pre-award interrogation—he was straight to the point. Dennis asked deep questions about company principles and wanted to know our true core values.

This interview provided our first insight into what Integrated Project Delivery was about. Trust, integrity and competence are essential in the process we’re about to embark on.

Through IPD we’ve entered into a whole new world where owners, architects, engineers and contractors all work together for a collaborative approach. Egos are set-aside and, collectively, we find ways to become cost-conscious, while maintaining the goals set out by the design criteria. In this shared risk/reward circle, we all accept responsibility.

The Mosaic Centre project has implemented the necessary framework that is inherent to the IPD process. In design, working together with Manasc Isaac has brought a refreshing change to the traditional way of construction. The early involvement of all key participants promotes a method that heightens resourcefulness and creativity. If we can harness the strength of this teamwork, great results will be the dividend.

Looking to the future, it will be exciting to see this project become a reality. The situations we expect to encounter during construction will see the benefits of working under positive, mutually reinforcing conditions without fear of reprisal. As a team, we will walk together in the best interests of all involved.

The Mosaic Centre has already become an inspiring project through its sustainable building concept. We’ve realized that this type of construction is possible and, through the ideologies of IPD, repeatable.

Website: River City Electric Ltd.

Frank Krupka, River City Electric

Frank is the Construction Manager at River City Electric, responsible for the overall supervision of their construction projects and the implementation of their pre-planning process. He sees the Mosaic Centre project as a unique opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. Having a strong sense of confidence in the entire team and considering the relationships being built, Frank believes this project may forever change the construction industry as we know it.

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