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This project is a dream, but better, because it’s real: “we are really doing it, Harry” as Dennis will quote more than 1000 times on this project.

Dennis and Christy Cuku are visionaries and courageous leaders, so this project is only here because of them. I know our team feels very privileged to be a part of this groundbreaking project. I know it because I feel it personally.

Setting aside the lofty goal of reaching net-zero energy for a commercial building in Edmonton, Canada, let’s add a dash of LEED – perhaps platinum? Oh, and for fun throw in a few petals of the Living Building Challenge.

We believe this CAN be done in a cold climate, we believe this CAN be done in our hometown with homegrown ingenuity.

BOOM! Lets get it on!

Website: EcoAmmo

Stephani Carter, LEED AP, EcoAmmo

Stephani is all about the action and proving that Edmonton can build incredibly aesthetic buildings while being respectful of the environment they occupy. Steph is passionate about making sustainability a fun and engaging endeavor.

She’s the subject-matter expert in green building-rating systems, and facilitates group discussions to ensure that it’s the cutting edge, cool, sustainable project it’s supposed to be. Her company is going to be one of the first tenants, so she brings a user perspective to the table.

Stephani is somewhat of a collector of all things cool, but has a penchant for things that are old. As a young lady, she always dreamt about restoring historical buildings to be cutting-edge eco-friendly, or retrofitting classic cars with emission-free engines.

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