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Once Upon a Time

‘The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Once upon a time, a fairly large group of professionals decided to isolate themselves and spend two days in a small room, among the trees of a god-forsaken neighbourhood, where nobody could find them.

They were about to coin a new plan – a plan for integration!

Some of them knew what to expect from that adventure, the others thought they knew. Some did not know what to expect – but they all signed-up for the two-day journey.

All of the young professionals were extremely busy with their important everyday jobs. The notion of letting go of two entire days in their preoccupied lives, created some stress.

The minute they started the adventure and toys were laid in front of their eyes, they suddenly forgot all about their ordinary lives – in fact, some of them even smiled!

During the event, the bravest ones were asked to leave their seats and join the other team, and even to collaborate. Soon, they realized that this un-comfort they felt, was in fact comfortable. They were so seduced by the games, refreshing ideas, and amazing energy in the room, that they didn’t notice the time passing by.

The blinds of the room were pulled down, steel doors were closed, and nobody from the outside was allowed to enter the room. Except the pierced, 17 year-old food delivery guy, of course!

The neighbours didn’t know what was going on in their peaceful neighbourhood. All they could see was a completely closed room among the trees in the park where their children usually play. As they were passing by the cold facade, they shook their heads incredulously. Occasionally, one could hear laughter bursting from inside.

There were no children in the park that day.

After two full days and some alcoholic beverages, the journey ended.  The professionals were asked to reflect on their experience, but they were unsure of their feelings.

All they knew after those two days, is that the ones who “knew” and the ones who thought they knew, now knew the same thing – that they felt closer to each other.

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Vedran Skopac, Architect, Manasc Isaac

Adventures, stories and people are what Vedran is most passionate about and it’s these things that he’s looking forward to exploring throughout the journey of this project.

He sees the Mosaic Project as an opportunity to “test a new-to-Alberta approach in design.” Relying on principles of integration, disregarding labels/egos, and bringing out the best in each individual will be key to elevating the success of the collective and ensuring the success of the project.

Vedran is curious about how the team dynamic will evolve over time and how it will rally together to surpass challenges. He’s expecting some resistance, as is the case in any innovative approach, but the opportunity to be cutting edge in addressing Living Building design challenges is worth the commitment – Vedran is totally game for adventure along the way!

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